Friday, April 06, 2007

Alien Invasion!

One of the things that is always a concern when discussing fishing is invasive species, fish that arent native to the environment being placed there (like the northern snakehead), or being introduced accidentally (like the goby), and causing damage to the ecosystem as they native species have no way to cope with it. I have found another invasive species, one so alien and exotic that they are both a beauty to behold, and a beast on the native bass population. they are called Kazlla. An import from Japan, these surface dwelling creatures lure unsuspecting bass to them using bizarre and alien hypnotic movements and flashy actions of such an exotic flair that bass are attracted to them like flies to honey. I've hunted high and low, and finally found a couple of specimens, and was able to catch them on camera.
This first one attempts to lure fish using its resemblance to the colors of the bluegill. This second related subspecies is called a Green Kanabun, and is especially stealthy in the hours just before dusk.
If you see these, or any other subspecies, please contact me immediately so I may take the appropriate actions.

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